Our Story

A unique experience to surround yourself with nature in order to allow full spectrum creativity and relaxation.
We offer a profound agriculture and artistic experience along side of a neutral spiritual connection.

At AYLA Labs village we offer multiple options for your stay;
• Suites at the farm houses
• Exclusive modern teepees
• RV’s
• Tents of any sizes to be placed anywhere in the 5000 acres property

Activities include but are not limited to:
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Stargazing
• Fishing
• Archery
• Golf
• Recording Music
• Music consulting camps
• HIking
• Horseback Riding
• Hunting
• Boating
• ATV excursions
• Wine Tasting
• Unique Food Experiences
And much more …

Meet Our Team

[uav-display-avatar id="10" size="180" alt="Gingio Muehlbauer"]

Gingio Muehlbauer

[uav-display-avatar id="10" size="180" alt="Gingio Muehlbauer"]
Gingio Muehlbauer

Founder and president of Poyel Music Entertainment in Lugano (1997), Poyel Music Entertainment, LLC in Los Angeles (1999), MC-Input.com (2005) and most recently, GINGIO. Gingio Muehlbauer has always been farsighted in the management of his business and works hard to provide all the essential ingredients for success. This therefore encompasses not only the entertainment side of the business, but also everything related to marketing and multimedia publicity. These eclectic qualities are the fruit of the over twenty years he has spent in close contact with clients and with the movers and shakers of the music business. Muehlbauer himself is first and foremost a musician, playing the piano, guitar and drums. Added to this is six years' experience as a live sound technician and musical event coordinator for K-sound (today www.eventmore.ch), one of Switzerland's biggest sound & light reinforcement companies. Such experience has led to collaborations with clients such as BB King, David Bowie, Kool & the Gang, Gypsy Kings, Simple Minds, Earth Wind & Fire, Shaggy, Eros Ramazzotti and numerous other artists and bands. In the first phase of his career at Poyel Music, he worked in the company's recording / production studios and publishing office for a full seven years. This paved the way for successful relationships with international well known artists such as Beyoncé / Destiny's Child, Michael Jackson, Placido Domingo, Printz Board - Black Eyed Peas, Queens of the Stone Age, George Clinton and P-Funk, Chaka Khan, Steven Seagal, Ice­T, Bobby Brown, Donna Summer, B2K, Baha Men, Sisqo, Snoop Dogg and Whitney Houston, and labels such as Dreamworks, Interscope Records, Artist Direct Rec., Famous Music Publishing, Warner Bros, Warp Records, Def Jam, Milan Records, Tony Kaye Films, Muvi Films and Sony Music Entertainment. Today Muehlbauer is passionately dedicated to Ayla Labs and GINGIO, his website where he offers music consulting services and a music industry database of global scale, in real time and at greatly reduced cost, thanks to digital technology and to his extensive experience. This settings allow him to be able to work from anywhere and therefore free to constantly travel around the globe in order to learn more about new places, different cultures and building his networks while organizing his exclusive entertainment networking events in cities worldwide.
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Vanessa Muehlbauer

[uav-display-avatar id="11" size="180" alt="Vanessa Muehlbauer"]
Vanessa Muehlbauer