AYLA Labs also features a fully equipped indoor recording studio facility but also multiple mobile units adaptable to be used in a teepee, RV or in any outdoor environment within the property. We are experts in this field having owned recording studios in Switzerland and Los Angeles with clients including Beyoncé / Destiny’s Child, Michael Jackson, Placido Domingo, Printz Board – Black Eyed Peas, Queens of the Stone Age, George Clinton and P-Funk, Chaka Khan, Steven Seagal, Ice­T, Bobby Brown, Donna Summer, B2K, Baha Men, Sisqo, Snoop Dogg and Whitney Houston, and labels such as Dreamworks, Interscope Records, Artist Direct Rec., Famous Music Publishing, Warner Bros, Warp Records, Def Jam, Milan Records, Tony Kaye Films, Muvi Films and Sony Music Entertainment. Services include: Songwriting, Arrangements, Recording, Production, Mixing and Mastering.